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Combine journey with solidarity

Awaken the primordial beauty of solidarity in humans

Our missions

36 Children    79 Donors    Raised €3562

Tanzania - Arusha

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Help us accomplish this mission in Tanzania, thanks to your support we can help the children from Alpha School, in Arusha. Once raised the money, we will buy the material on the spot and we will document the delivery to the school of Arusha with a video

220 Children    56 Donors    Raised €4600

Sri Lanka

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We delivered to every kid a backpack containing: notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, rubbers, rulers, a school uniform, socks and a pair of shoes. Moreover, we gave a video projector to the school.

330 Children    81 Donors    Raised €3720


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In 2016 we received a video request recorded by one of our solidarity couriers, from some students of the Tung Na Noi School, in the province of Chiang Rai, extreme north of Thailand. In the mentioned video, the children asked for school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, pens, but also sound equipment and computers, for the simple reason that they want to study.

Solidarity Couriers | About us

Solidarity Couriers

A Solidarity Courier is a traveller that through an itinerary transports and delivers a gift to those who need it. A modern globetrotter that learns that giving something is the best way to receive, enriching his journey with solidarity.

Innovative charity

Take Me Back combines journey with solidarity trough a global network of solidarity couriers.
Each mission is documented through a video, so that donors can watch every phase of the mission, from the purchase of equipment on the spot to the delivery into the hands of the children, making the charity innovative, transparent and immersive.

Video Richiesta

1. Request video

A traveller register a video in which some students from a school or an orphanage ask for help.

Raccolta Fondi

2. Fundraising

Take Me Back team verifies the request and create a campaign fund (crowdfunding online) for the purpose.

Consegna e Video Documentario

3. Documentary

Take Me Back team goes to the destination place, buys the material on the spot and then delivers it directly into the hands of the needy children, recording every step of the mission through a documentary.

With this procedure, every donor can be sure that everything that is donated will be used for that exact mission.

Travel with Take Me Back

Awake in you the soul of the traveller.

Awake in you the soul of the traveller and rediscover the beauty of solidarity.Take Me Back staff periodically organizes journeys that retrace all the stages of their missions.

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If you believe in the project and you want to support actual and future Take Me Back initiatives or missions, you can choose different ways to donate. You will be constantly briefed, so that you can follow our actions step by step and maybe become a solidarity courier and make a delivery at first hand.

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